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Sound is extremely important in movies because it sets the mood & environment. Sound and picture go hand & hand. Without one, the other piece will be lacking in production quality quite a bit. The analogy, 1 + 1 = 3, explains the relationship between sound & picture very well.


This album has a variety of stories and places. Taking you to new lands and worlds. All that’s needed is the picture and a vivid imagination. This is great music for a fast-pace action, dark suspenseful mystery, adventurous journey, or any other genre in-between. Contact me if you need a movie score composer.

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Sideways Hatter

Here is an 1800’s sounding song. The main instruments are guitars and harpsichords with a few modern synths thrown into the mix. This creates a very odd sounding song, which is where the name, Sideways Hatter, came from. I imagine a man in a suit with a top hat and cane, strutting down an olde street with a kink in his neck. Its quite a strange image, but that is what the song says to me.

Counterfeit People

Counterfeit people is dedicated to all the people who say horrible things behind people’s backs and don’t have the guts to confront them and say it to their face. You all know who you are; No one likes a lying smile to their face.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is finally being released to the public. This song started back in early 2012 but something was missing from it. After coming back to it every now and then, I think it’s now complete. This song features a latin based percussion set with synths and harpsichords. The melody uses a reggae style rhythm throughout the song which was inspired by a jam sesh with my buddy Drew and his acoustic guitar. Enjoy a sip of some Black Coffee!!

Darkness Rising

Darkness Rising is a laid-back chill song. Everything is slow and relaxed as the darkness rises. At the very end of the song, dawn comes and there is liberation across all land. It’s all symbolic of course.

An Orc is Born

An Orc is Born starts off very mysterious but as it matures and develops, the evil within is born and rises up. Halfway through, the evil starts to become menacing and empowered until it seems all is lost but good shall always prevail.

Vintage Nozzle

Vintage Nozzle is a laid back, chill beat, with jazzy elements. The song was originally sampled from RJD2, Ghost Rider. Even though it was sampled, Zaborski’s track sounds almost nothing like the original. But the original essence, or mood and feel, is captured and projected throughout the song.

Two Sided Coin

This was a song written for my wonderful girlfriend and I wanted to share it with the public, so I converted all the lyrics into a synthesizer, like a virtual privacy wall for her.

Partly Cloudy + Wizard Tower

It’s a two piece composition featuring clouds. The first part, Partly Cloudy, resembles milky, fluffy, clouds parting slightly to let some sun rays seep through, then closing up to repeat over and over again. The second part, Crooked Wizard Tower, also features clouds but these are dark, lurking, storm clouds. It’s about this tall, crooked, wizard tower with the clouds still in stale air.

Path of Many Journeys

Path of Many Journeys can be interpreted to take place in many different landscapes. When asked many people, these were the most common: Oriental, Western, and Old European. Even though these are all very diverse, everyone all agreed the song was for an opening piece to establish the landscape by flying in and out with aerial camera shots. Sit back, relax, and experience the Path of Many Journeys.

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