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Retro Gamer – Video Game Music

Retro Gamer

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This collection of music is the essence of video games. Retro Gamer captures all the best moments from all the best games from the 90’s. Video game music uses a variety of interesting chord progressions to illustrate a story. Most of these amazing chord changes have been lost to time, but I have resampled them and brought them back. I have extensive experience as a freelance video game music composer and would love to write a unique style for your game.


Video game music is a big part of my music library. When I listen to music, I hear lyrics as a sine wave whole, instead of individual words. Because of this, I prefer to listen to lyric-less instrumentals, which is where video game music comes in. I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do.

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This new instrumental was created as Video Game music but can easily be used as a Hip-Hop Instrumental. This particular track was first sculpted with the colors: Purple, Blue, Teal, and a touch of Orange. The purple and blue represent the dark mysterious sky and shadows. The teal represents the moonlight and the orange as lanterns. While the color yellow isn’t enough to list, the brass instruments are pronounced so well that you could almost see it as the flicker from the orange lanterns.
When writing this song, Spyro the Dragon was on my mind. While this music does sound silimiar, this is 100% original and no part of this song can be found on that soundtrack.

Sunrise Over Evil

Sunrise Over Evil features retro 8-bit style with modern instruments. It’s roots are deep, grungy, electronic music with a touch of rock. It’s the perfect piece for a Retro Video Game.

Acceptance + Empire Courtyard Compilation

This is a two piece compilation. The first half is called, Acceptance. It starts off with the power and might of the higher authority dictatorship. The piece then shows the decay of society and depression from what has happened. Everyone lives their lives in fear and obeys whatever the dictatorship says.
The second half, Empire Courtyard, is the main capitol of this dictatorship. It sounds huge and empty because most of society lives in the slums while the VERY few live in the Empire Capitol.

Medievil Kingdom

The Medievil Kingdom was my first song I ever wrote. Feel the epic-ness of the horns as the kingdom stands strong and flourishes. The colors that this composition represents are: Yellow, Red, and Green.


This track makes you feel like your in a dilemma. Whatever you imagine while listening to this track, it’s defiantly discontentful.

Rainy Day

This track is full of sadness and depression. It’s called Rainy Day because this song feels like one of those days your stuck indoors from a gray and muggy rain storm.

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