HzdB – Electronic Music


HzdB – Electronic Music


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HzdB is Zaborski’s line of dance and electronic music. The album’s name HzdB stands for hertz and decibel, which can best describe all the synthesizers and modulators in electronic music. When you’re on the dance floor, the music is cranked to the max! HzdB is all about excellent electronic music production great for dance, trance, techno, or club.

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This class project on music was about bringing back the 90’s and showing where society is today. There were some great melodies. Maybe not so much on the lyrics but the music was good. I’ve decided to make some arranged versions of some of the most catchy tunes. I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one sneaking in old progressions. I can safely assume that everyone is trying to preserve the classics, keeping them fresh. Whether it was done justice, is another story.

Modern Mashup – Club/Dance Mixtape

My first release of a Dance/Electronic song, good for a club. This track is actually a mixtape of many techno and club sounding elements broken up into four pieces. Everything flows so it just sounds like one giant song.

Sky’s the Limit

Here’s another upbeat dance song with a ‘good feeling’ melody makes you want to get up and groove. The song is called, Sky’s the Limit because it’s so upbeat that it makes you feel like you can reach your full potential and when you put your mind to it, you can do anything! So listen and be inspired to be the best that you can!

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