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Dark Mystics

Dark Mystics

Dark Mystics

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JeFF ZaBorski is really excited to release his first soundtrack. He started working on these sinister compositions a year prior to this album’s release and started playing piano 6 months prior to that. ZaBorski is a twisted dark classical music composer that fueled his emotion into every note played. Each composition carrying a little bit of that darkness. And every time a composition is played and resonated, it radiates some of that evil back into the world like an ‘element in decay’.


Each track was designed to envoke a specific emotion or feeling. Each tonal note strategically placed. Chords converted into color, applied color theory rules, then converted back to have music theory rules applied to them. These tracks are very musically correct and tell an amazing story through the wavelength of the chord and the character of the instruments voice.

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Wizard StaFF

Wizard StaFF was designed to be chill and get you lost within the music. The colors this composition represents are: Purple, Green, Red-Violet with a hint of Blue.

The Execution

The Execution explains itself; The song sounds like your wrists are bound and your walking up to YOUR execution. The colors this composition represents are: Purple, Dark Green, and Yellow.

It’s Alright

The track features some dark grunge to build suspense and then it relieves it with some mellow chimes to signify that It’s Alright.

Dark King’s Castle

The Dark King’s Castle is about this fortress covered in cob webs and built fully out of stone. You can hear a ghostly evil pipe organ echoing off the walls coming from deep within the dark pits of the castle. As the song progresses, you navigate through the different rooms until you find the dark, gnarled, twisted king himself.


DDE is the strangest names I’ve given to a track. DDE is short for: D minor – D flat diminished – E diminished – D minor” (Dm-Dbdim-Edim-Dm) or DDE. I couldn’t think of a name, so I named it after its structure and found that suiting. This song is so sinister and really sets the place and mood. The instruments in this song express how villains really are. Sometimes agreeing, sometimes double crossing and competing. The colors this composition represents are: Purple, Red-Violet, and Blue-Violet.

Blue Goo

Blue Goo is about that subtle paranoid feeling you get when wandering in a mansion at night. Then that release of tension as you realize it was nothing at all. Or was it…? The colors this composition represents are: Blue, Light Purple, and Yellow. With a tad bit of green.


DMJ is actually an acronym standing for David – Marc – James, the three people who worked on this beat. Whether it be composing, mastering, or creative input, everyone put in something. David’s artist name is Equonix, Marc’s artist name is JeFF ZaBorski, and James’s artist name is JayCrown.

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