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BoomBoX Beats

Boom Box Beats – Rap Instrumentals

BoomBoX Beats

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Boom box beats is ZaBorski’s line of HipHop Instrumentals. Consider this collection of tracks a taste of the different styles you could rap over because they have everything a beat needs except the lyrics. Each beat has verses, choruses, breaks, breakdowns, solo spots, drops, buildups and everything in-between. If you’re looking for original underground hip hop beats that no one else has, check out the album.


See a track you like? Or you have an idea for a beat? If you’re a lyricist looking to download rap instrumental beats, send me a message using my Contact Form and we’ll work something out.

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Dark King’s Castle

The Dark King’s Castle is about this fortress covered in cob webs and built fully out of stone. You can hear a ghostly evil pipe organ echoing off the walls coming from deep within the dark pits of the castle. As the song progresses, you navigate through the different rooms until you find the dark, gnarled, twisted king himself.

Borderline Evil

This track was designed to have a sedimental feeling to it. The chord progression makes the listener start off with a happy feeling; then discomfort, which is suppose to resemble a hardship; followed by release, full of easy-going and content.

It’s Alright

The track features some dark grunge to build suspense and then it relieves it with some mellow chimes to signify that It’s Alright.

Under the Sea Dance

Here’s a slowed down hip hop song. Reminds me of my high school days when I went to those school dances. Now that I’m about to graduate college, it seems so long ago already. Well sit back & relax and remember the old times.


DMJ is actually an acronym standing for David – Marc – James, the three people who worked on this beat. Whether it be composing, mastering, or creative input, everyone put in something. David’s artist name is Equonix, Marc’s artist name is JeFF ZaBorski, and James’s artist name is JayCrown.

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