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I compose a wide variety of styles of music to cater to every genre and client. All of my music is available to listen and download for free.

Zb Compositions

Dark Mystics

Retro Gamer

Boom Box Beats


Sketchy Business Soundtrack

Track Info

Track Info

Dark Mystics


Wizard StaFF

Wizard StaFF was designed to be chill and get you lost within the music. The colors this composition represents are: Purple, Green, Red-Violet with a hint of Blue.

The Execution

The Execution explains itself; The song sounds like your wrists are bound and your walking up to YOUR execution. The colors this composition represents are: Purple, Dark Green, and Yellow.

It’s Alright

The track features some dark grunge to build suspense and then it relieves it with some mellow chimes to signify that It’s Alright.

Dark King’s Castle

The Dark King’s Castle is about this fortress covered in cob webs and built fully out of stone. You can hear a ghostly evil pipe organ echoing off the walls coming from deep within the dark pits of the castle. As the song progresses, you navigate through the different rooms until you find the dark, gnarled, twisted king himself.


DDE is the strangest names I’ve given to a track. DDE is short for: D minor – D flat diminished – E diminished – D minor” (Dm-Dbdim-Edim-Dm) or DDE. I couldn’t think of a name, so I named it after its structure and found that suiting. This song is so sinister and really sets the place and mood. The instruments in this song express how villains really are. Sometimes agreeing, sometimes double crossing and competing. The colors this composition represents are: Purple, Red-Violet, and Blue-Violet.

Blue Goo

Blue Goo is about that subtle paranoid feeling you get when wandering in a mansion at night. Then that release of tension as you realize it was nothing at all. Or was it…? The colors this composition represents are: Blue, Light Purple, and Yellow. With a tad bit of green.


DMJ is actually an acronym standing for David – Marc – James, the three people who worked on this beat. Whether it be composing, mastering, or creative input, everyone put in something. David’s artist name is Equonix, Marc’s artist name is JeFF ZaBorski, and James’s artist name is JayCrown.



Retro Gamer



This new instrumental was created as Video Game music but can easily be used as a Hip-Hop Instrumental. This particular track was first sculpted with the colors: Purple, Blue, Teal, and a touch of Orange. The purple and blue represent the dark mysterious sky and shadows. The teal represents the moonlight and the orange as lanterns. While the color yellow isn’t enough to list, the brass instruments are pronounced so well that you could almost see it as the flicker from the orange lanterns.
When writing this song, Spyro the Dragon was on my mind. While this music does sound silimiar, this is 100% original and no part of this song can be found on that soundtrack.

Sunrise Over Evil

Sunrise Over Evil features retro 8-bit style with modern instruments. It’s roots are deep, grungy, electronic music with a touch of rock. It’s the perfect piece for a Retro Video Game.

Acceptance + Empire Courtyard Compilation

This is a two piece compilation. The first half is called, Acceptance. It starts off with the power and might of the higher authority dictatorship. The piece then shows the decay of society and depression from what has happened. Everyone lives their lives in fear and obeys whatever the dictatorship says.
The second half, Empire Courtyard, is the main capitol of this dictatorship. It sounds huge and empty because most of society lives in the slums while the VERY few live in the Empire Capitol.

Medievil Kingdom

The Medievil Kingdom was my first song I ever wrote. Feel the epic-ness of the horns as the kingdom stands strong and flourishes. The colors that this composition represents are: Yellow, Red, and Green.


This track makes you feel like your in a dilemma. Whatever you imagine while listening to this track, it’s defiantly discontentful.

Rainy Day

This track is full of sadness and depression. It’s called Rainy Day because this song feels like one of those days your stuck indoors from a gray and muggy rain storm.



Boom Box Beats


Borderline Evil

This track was designed to have a sedimental feeling to it. The chord progression makes the listener start off with a happy feeling; then discomfort, which is suppose to resemble a hardship; followed by release, full of easy-going and content.

Under the Sea Dance

Here’s a slowed down hip hop song. Reminds me of my high school days when I went to those school dances. Now that I’m about to graduate college, it seems so long ago already. Well sit back & relax and remember the old times.



Zb Compositions


Sideways Hatter

Here is an 1800’s sounding song. The main instruments are guitars and harpsichords with a few modern synths thrown into the mix. This creates a very odd sounding song, which is where the name, Sideways Hatter, came from. I imagine a man in a suit with a top hat and cane, strutting down an olde street with a kink in his neck. Its quite a strange image, but that is what the song says to me.

Counterfeit People

Counterfeit people is dedicated to all the people who say horrible things behind people’s backs and don’t have the guts to confront them and say it to their face. You all know who you are; No one likes a lying smile to their face.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is finally being released to the public. This song started back in early 2012 but something was missing from it. After coming back to it every now and then, I think it’s now complete. This song features a latin based percussion set with synths and harpsichords. The melody uses a reggae style rhythm throughout the song which was inspired by a jam sesh with my buddy Drew and his acoustic guitar. Enjoy a sip of some Black Coffee!!

Darkness Rising

Darkness Rising is a laid-back chill song. Everything is slow and relaxed as the darkness rises. At the very end of the song, dawn comes and there is liberation across all land. It’s all symbolic of course.

An Orc is Born

An Orc is Born starts off very mysterious but as it matures and develops, the evil within is born and rises up. Halfway through, the evil starts to become menacing and empowered until it seems all is lost but good shall always prevail.

Vintage Nozzle

Vintage Nozzle is a laid back, chill beat, with jazzy elements. The song was originally sampled from RJD2, Ghost Rider. Even though it was sampled, Zaborski’s track sounds almost nothing like the original. But the original essence, or mood and feel, is captured and projected throughout the song.

Two Sided Coin

This was a song written for my wonderful girlfriend and I wanted to share it with the public, so I converted all the lyrics into a synthesizer, like a virtual privacy wall for her.

Partly Cloudy + Wizard Tower

It’s a two piece composition featuring clouds. The first part, Partly Cloudy, resembles milky, fluffy, clouds parting slightly to let some sun rays seep through, then closing up to repeat over and over again. The second part, Crooked Wizard Tower, also features clouds but these are dark, lurking, storm clouds. It’s about this tall, crooked, wizard tower with the clouds still in stale air.

Path of Many Journeys

Path of Many Journeys can be interpreted to take place in many different landscapes. When asked many people, these were the most common: Oriental, Western, and Old European. Even though these are all very diverse, everyone all agreed the song was for an opening piece to establish the landscape by flying in and out with aerial camera shots. Sit back, relax, and experience the Path of Many Journeys.






This class project on music was about bringing back the 90’s and showing where society is today. There were some great melodies. Maybe not so much on the lyrics but the music was good. I’ve decided to make some arranged versions of some of the most catchy tunes. I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one sneaking in old progressions. I can safely assume that everyone is trying to preserve the classics, keeping them fresh. Whether it was done justice, is another story.

Modern Mashup – Club/Dance Mixtape

My first release of a Dance/Electronic song, good for a club. This track is actually a mixtape of many techno and club sounding elements broken up into four pieces. Everything flows so it just sounds like one giant song.

Sky’s the Limit

Here’s another upbeat dance song with a ‘good feeling’ melody makes you want to get up and groove. The song is called, Sky’s the Limit because it’s so upbeat that it makes you feel like you can reach your full potential and when you put your mind to it, you can do anything! So listen and be inspired to be the best that you can!



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