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Marc Zirin – JeFF ZaBorski

About Me

Who is JeFF ZaBorski?

JeFF ZaBorski is Marc Zirin’s made up artist name, which is a play on my middle and last name. I’m a freelance musician that loves the complexity of deep musical theory. My musical passion is for video games, dark classical, and groovin’ on the dance floor. My ears demanded a sound that has never been heard before. Years were spent looking for that ‘sound’. To no avail, it was clear I had to fabricate it. Each song I wrote was for the sole purpose of appeasing my ears.

Musical History

Marc Zirin - JeFF ZaBorski

Music has been a huge part of my life since I was very little. Like everyone else, I started with the recorder flute; not a very exciting instrument. Shortly after, I picked up the viola and played that consistently for six years. I really loved the sound that it produced.


As I got older, I started playing guitar but then shifted my focus toward the bass guitar. Bass and drums set the foundation of songs. Originally I started with sheet music, but as my musical knowledge increased and started to notice many patterns in music, I moved toward chord theory. Thats when I started playing the piano. Thus far, piano has been my favorite and I feel I’m the most skilled at it out of all the instruments I’ve played. In my opinion, piano is very useful when working with MIDI.

Music Theory

I prefer chord theory over sheet music. Sheet music tells you exactly what to play, but chord theory tells you the general pathway and its up to the musician to interpret the music in their own unique style. I feel that it gives more freedom to explore.

Each one of my tracks was designed to tell a story or envoke a specific emotion. Each tonal note has been strategically and mathematically placed perfectly in relation to one another. Chords are converted into color, applied color theory rules, then converted back to have Music Theory rules applied to them. This process creates very musically correct tracks and tells an amazing story through the wavelength of the chord and the character of the instrument’s voice. All of my music is done through a MIDI controller with sampled real instruments.

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